the halfway point

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So, it’s the end of the second week of rehearsals, the dreaded half-way point, but I think we can meet it – in part – with equanimity. We’ve done a German dance, experimented with shadows, stained a lot of paper, developed some cracking music, and staggered through the whole play. We’ve spent a considerable amount of energy worrying about how to pay subtle homage to the film, without replicating – and I think yesterday we found a way forward involving a sheet and a pinspot.

We’ve also spent an inordinately protracted amount of time making the cabinet. Perhaps this is why the film got its title – maybe Hans Janowitz and Robert Weine suffered the curse of the cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Maybe they too discovered that constructing it is like the siege of Troy; it never finishes. Each time we attack it a new challenge arises – each section demands additions, strengthening, bracing and large doses of dirt splattered over them. Still, Christopher Doyle seems happy in it, which is good seeing as he spends a lot of time locked within its shadowy and intimate confines.

Speaking of which, we’ve been lucky enough to have the fantastic Idil Sukan in this week taking rehearsal shots – have a look at them.

What else? “Green” wise, we’ve done well with re-using materials – all our set for Caligari (even the accursed cabinet) will be used again for Moby-Dick, and about 75% of what we’re using across both shows has either come from our previous work or other productions.

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