Snakes opens and £5 tickets available

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Don’t Sleep There Are Snakes previewed at Park Theatre last night – it’s been quite a journey, and it was both enjoyable and terrifying in equal measure to share the play with an audience for the first time.

As part of our commitment to offer affordable pricing, there are a small number of £5 tickets available for the matinee tomorrow (Thursday March 24th). To get your hands on one, please quote SNAKES5 when booking here or via the box office 020 7870 6876.

I hope you enjoy the play. It’s an extraordinary true story of Daniel Everett’s journey into the deep Amazon where he meets a remarkable tribe. An unlikely story for a play in London perhaps, but theatre seems ideally placed to deal with those places at the edges of our perception. And, as Daniel Everett said a few days ago, “I never dreamt that some day a play about these experiences would premier in London. I suspect that I shall enjoy this play because I am still alive and because others might enjoy life more learning about the Pirahãs. How marvellous is the unpredictability of life.”