shanties ahoy

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It’s tech time, nerves are racing and Seb is beginning to shout “do it again” with a vigour last seen in Attila the Hun… but there is a feeling that things are slowly beginning to come together.

Some of our favourite things in the show are the beautiful sea shanties we sing throughout; shanties that whalers sung in the nineteenth century as they risked their lives in pursuit of money and fish – not dissimilar to actors really. To celebrate these songs, we’ve recorded them and we’re going to put one on YouTube every week. They’re very rough and ready, but that feels in keeping with our work, and with the spirit of the music. Look out for the first one tomorrow.

Green wise, the hydrogen fuel cell is up and running and is powering the house lights, the set is all reclaimed and we’ve got some very positive results back from our Caligari travel survey. Headline news is that only 6% of the audience drove to see the production.

What else? We’ve got some fantastic ticket deals going – including £14 for all opening performances and the wonderful Pay What You Can Tuesdays.

Come and see Moby-Dick if you can. It’s an absolutely spellbinding book, and if we can bring even a fraction of the depth, power and passion to the stage that Melville brought to paper, then you won’t regret it.