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Hello there website visitor. First, thanks very much for stopping by on your interweb travels. This year we hope to maintain a bit more of a web presence, beginning with this production diary/blog. On Saturday we began our production process on two new bits of work and we’re going to use this site and old faithfuls Facebook and Twitter to try and document the whole lamentable endeavor. If you have the stomach for it, we’d be overjoyed if you’ll follow along with this and maybe, if your affection for us stretches far enough, come along to see the fruits of our labour in 2013.

As a group we’ve always wanted to try and push ourselves a little further with each new piece of work we attempt, both creatively and in terms of our ambition as a producing theatre company. In this vain we hope to produce two pieces of new writing, back to back in early 2013. At this point we don’t know for sure whether we’ll be successful. There are financial mountains to be climbed and of course, the small matter of writing and rehearsing the plays.

We’ve started, as we always do now, with a week of workshopping (interspersed with furiously competitive bouts of tennis) at the wonderful Sophie’s Barn in Chacombe. This time however we have two new faces in the shape of Nick Ernshaw and Louise Ford. It’s very early days on both projects but we’ll start to discuss the more detailed aspects of our working process once we’ve been at it a few days. This is really just to introduce this production diary and announce that there are NEW THINGS HAPPENING in the Simple8 camp.